Tuesday, June 09, 2009

WWDC Keynote remote experience

gdgt.pngI really tried to stay asleep - if you can do that, but my dreams were awash with images of tablets and new iPhone hardware with front facing video cameras for live conferencing.

Despite a cold night and having the cat on 3, I was fully awake at 4am and headed down to experience the keynote via the live blogs.

The best experience, for me, was gdgt. Very simple, elegant and a nice stream of quality information and high quality photos. The site these guys founded, Engadget, also did a good job but took the approach of posting a series of stories as soon as they were announced.

On the software side I am looking forward to updating to iPhone 3 and Snow Leopard, on the hardware side the most interesting thing for me is the 13 inch MacBook Pro but I'm still getting good service out of the original Air and will probably wait. Seven hours battery life is a whole new ball game for a laptop and they are right to say that if it lasts five years I'm unlikely to still be using it.

live stream.pngThe experience of WWDC I really wanted was a live video stream. There was at least one, so I did get to hear live audio and poor video of the end part of the keynote.

I'd have to describe the announcements as solid but evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Perhaps they're holding back exciting new hardware for Steve's return at the end of the month?

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