Friday, November 28, 2008

UseCaseBench - Estimate software development

Picture 3.pngMac software I wrote some years ago, most of the old links are broken, so here it is again.

This utility allows an analyst to capture the Actors, Use Cases, complexity, technical and environmental factors and it applies the "Use Case Points" methodology to provide an estimate of how long the project will take.

Information gathered about Actors and Use Cases, free form text, complexity and their association can be captured and then exported from the program into an HTML report or GraphViz Use Case diagram.

It's free. Enjoy.

Download and Documentation.


Unknown said...

Interesting. I've downloaded. will give it a try once back home :). Thank you.

Christopher said...

Hi Pete,

I think that you should offer this version, and then enhance it and sell it. As stated to you before, this is solving someone's pain (mine!). That's worth money.

Kind regards,