Sunday, June 08, 2008

Had a contact with a $5 80m DSB radio

80mDSB.jpgStephen, VK2BLQ, has been selling off his old projects and I picked up an 80m double sideband radio he built for $5.

The only modification I've made is to re-wire the microphone socket to suit the mic I have.

I ran into local ham, Rob, VK2ZNZ in the supermarket today and asked if he would listen out for a weak signal on 80m. We liaised by phone and without trouble he was able to find me and we had a fine chat with the radio. His only complaint was a slow drift in frequency but the audio was good both ways.

This design is one that was published in Silicon Chip in November 1994 and available as a Jaycar kit. A pity they don't offer anything like that now. It's 1.5W PEP out and Rob said I was a little noisy but perfect copy.

Thanks Stephen for the fine radio to play with. Thanks Rob for helping me out.

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