Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Talked tech on ABC Radio Nightlife

I joined Philip Clark on ABC Radio's Nightlife program to talk about technology news including new legislation to combat faked sender IDs on scam text messages, YouTube live stream hacks to promote crypto scams and a look at the new ARM based Microsoft Surface laptops that are challenging Apple.

Audio here.

In the story I talked about trying out the new Microsoft Surface laptop powered by ARM. It's a nice looking and feeling laptop, quite similar to the M2 MacBook Air which I imagine it is competing with. Fit and finish is excellent. More ports than Apple and slightly better value in terms of price per GB of storage and RAM.

There's a new Microsoft only key on the right hand side for summoning Copilot AI features.

I pushed the key and not a lot seemed to happen but I guess, like Apple these new features are being rolled out over time.

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