Friday, March 15, 2024

Handy breakout board for Raspberry Pi Pico

Just picked up a few of these breakout boards. I'm not sure that I like the screw terminals but it is handy having LEDs on each GPIO pin.

 I'm really getting in to the RP2040 and recently ordered some boards with USB-C connectors.

MicroPython is great for most things, there is support for the Arduino runtime library and I can drop down to the native toolchain if required.


Bradshaw.K1te said...

I read this and fell in love. I am a sucker for lots of blinking leds! The screw terminals are super, near the ocean in Boston. Buddies in TX and IN went nuts too. Our inner squirrels admire shiny things. In the”olden days” I loved ne-2 lamps, except for the time at 14 I tried one directly on 120vac heard the bang and saw a cool purple flash, and a little piece of glass ticked off the front of my glasses. But I digress……. Bradshaw.k1te

Peter Marks said...

"inner squirrels" is a term I shall add to my lexicon.

Unknown said...

Is there an si5351 lib that works? Paul VK3HN.

Peter Marks said...

I haven't tried Paul. You can build Arduino code for it and it does I2C so I can't see why not. Looks like there's a Micropython port someone has done.