Sunday, November 12, 2023

Rosebud Radiofest excellent again this year

Like 12 months ago, I joined Richard, VK3LRJ in the journey down to the Rosebud Radiofest.

It seemed bigger than last year. Certainly there was lots of great gear on sale.

Even Ralph, VK3ZZC, was tempted with some exotic equipment.

I came away with just one item. A rather mysterious Ten-Tec "Energy Amplifier":

It turned out to be what I had hoped - a nice little amplifier with decent speaker in a box. Very handy for monitoring projects on the workbench. It was missing a screw but on disassembly it was found stuck to the speaker magnet.

There were wonderful antique radios on display again this year.

Like last year it was a very well organised event with lots to see. I was tempted by quite a few items but managed to hold back. Great to catch up with a few friends.

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