Tuesday, December 06, 2022

WSPR Watch 3.47 now in the App Store

A modest update to WSPR watch is now in the iOS App Store. This one moves a few settings around, makes it easier to see how to edit the list of past callsigns and provides an option for small dots on the graphs.

This was requested by someone with a lot of spots to display.

There are changes under the hood too. My networking code was quite old and I've started taking advantage of innovations in Swift to make the code cleaner and, perhaps even a bit faster.

I do have a niggling bug, sometimes the map freezes and I think this started with iOS 16.1.


Ron N0SL said...

Hi Peter,

I just discovered your WSPR app and downloaded to my iPad. Very impressive. I’ve just put a desktop WSPR 80-10 transmitter from Zachtak and your app makes great monitoring of where my transmissions are being heard.

I do have one suggestion for the map. I would like to see a day/night indication so I can specifically see where gray line propagation may be occurring. Perhaps it is already there, but I couldn’t find it in any of the menus.

Again, this is a fantastic app. Thanks for creating it and making it available to the ham community for free.

73s de N0SL

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Ron,

I have tried to make a daylight overlay on the map but so far haven't figured it out.

Good feedback.