Friday, May 21, 2021

A visit to Paul Taylor, VK3HN.

I have been a fan of Melbourne ham radio home brewer Paul, VK3HN's blog and YouTube channel for some time. We met a few years ago at Peter, VK3YE's QRP by the Bay but I discovered that he lives not too far from my new home in Thornbury so I invited myself over for a visit.

Paul's blog is of a very high standard, well written, with extensive technical information about his projects. In recent years, projects have been demonstrated and explained with well made videos as well.

Projects cover the spectrum from small portable CW rigs all the way to a high power AM transmitter using the efficient Class E mode.

There's a few things that stand out to my eye - Paul tackles complex projects with a logical modular approach, often building on tried and tested standard designs but without fear of trying more challenging designs. 

Circuit boards are manually etched using the resist pen method.

Most striking of all are the cases which are custom fabricated from aluminium angle stock and sized to snugly fit the enclosed circuitry.

Thanks Paul for an entertaining and educational evening tour of the shack.

Incidentally, you can hear more from Paul at HRDX via SolderSmoke and a terrific interview on QSO Today episode 298.

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Unknown said...


It was great to meet up, thanks so much for your visit and your interest in my take on the amateur radio and electronics hobby. We share (I suspect) an appreciation of the different and original ways people see things and pragmatically do what they can with what they have.

We are a similar vintage (a very good year by the way) and it seems we both have some stories to tell about the Melbourne amateur radio scene's characters over half a century.

I will keep my text and video journals going as I am sure you will too.

See you again sometime soon.

73 Paul VK3HN.