Sunday, December 08, 2019

WSPR Watch is back

There's a new version in the App Store that corrects the problem we've been having. I'm now working on improvements to the handling of data from PSKReporter and the Reverse Beacon Network.

WSPRnet has been a bit unreliable lately but the latest version of WSPRwatch will now correctly show if the network request times out. I set the timeout to 30 seconds.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in via the app with feedback and suggestions.


HarryHydro said...

HI: I have WSPR watch on the iPhone. Works great! Much faster than the PC. I just found that LF and MD both show 474.2KHz. I see no 136, unless there is no activity on 2200M.
Thanks! KB2MEN

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Harry,

Yes, I've switched to the old database interface and I don't think it distinguishes between the LF bands.