Tuesday, August 27, 2019

WSPR Watch iOS app now reads from PSKReporter

After playing with PSKReporter recently, and being impressed with its speed and features, I've updated the WSPR Watch app so that you can switch between reading WSPRnet and PSKReporter.

There is so much FT8 traffic these days that just listening for CQ calls is a good way to get a reading on the propagation around the world. I note that, compared to WSPR spots, there are many different stations so the map looks busier.

If you have an iOS device, grab the app, (it's free). In settings you can switch to use PSKReporter.

Here's how the list looks now.

My thanks to John Landry, AA7US and Ross, VK1UN for encouragement, ideas, and testing.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Peter, could you be a bit more specific. As far as I know PSKreporter does not spot WSPR reports. You mention FT8. So I guess you need to monitor FT8 and it only spots the CQ calls?
Of course you as developer have been busy with this idea for weeks now. But the average ham can get confused now....(WSPR Watch? needs another name?). 73, Bas

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Bas,
Yes the name is now not correct. My thinking is that it's showing propagation reports, it doesn't really matter what mode.
I hope you're not too confused.

Unknown said...

Waited anxiously for the " error loading token " fix. Disappointed that support for iOS 10 was dropped. Unfortunately, amateur radio apps are a vanishing breed at the App Store. A very large percentage of the ham radio apps that I have are no longer supported and will stop working if I upgrade my iPhone 6 to iOS 11.

So I am stuck in the middle. Do I upgrade to iOS 11 and lose most of my ham radio apps or stay at iOS 10 and miss out on the new apps?

My choice is to keep all my old ham radio apps and pray that upgrades of other apps continue to support iOS 10.

Having written a few iPhone apps, I am nearly confident that it is not a big effort to support older devices and iOS's.

Please consider supporting iOS 10 so that these vintage ham radio apps can remain in service on my iPhone 6. Thanks. AB2TS

Peter Marks said...

Thanks for the feedback AB2TS. The stats show almost no use on iOS 10 so I thought it was safe to drop it. As you know, as a developer, there are new APIs in each update and supporting older iOS versions makes it difficult to use them.

I would recommend iOS 12 if you can run it on your device. (iOS 13 is still giving me some trouble at this point).

I'll see what I can do..

phwl said...

Thanks a lot for a very useful app.