Sunday, July 14, 2019

Classic macOS nostalgia

There's a way to run macOS 9 in a PowerPC emulator based on SheepShaver. Download Mac OS 9 for OS X to try it out. The disk image comes with lots of software and has nifty ways to exchange files with the host machine.

Last century I used to write apps for classic macOS and it's amazing to find that there are big archives of software from the day and one of them had my shareware app "Transform Reports".

SheepShaver is a pun on the 68k Mac emulator for AmegaOS called ShapeShifter.

I also wrote a utility called TurboFind and while I've found the German version, so far I haven't found the English one.

Such nostalgia, I loved HyperCard. Gosh, it looks so small these days.

I guess this won't work:

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