Sunday, May 26, 2019

WIA conference day at Dural

Today the WIA conference moved to the NSW site at Dural. It was a beautiful day and a good crowd was in attendance to see the stalls, feast on the roast dinner (I'm not kidding), and hear a talk from the incoming president and some technical talks.

As you can see on the right, Peter, VK2EMU, has outclassed Stephen, VK2BLQ and I in the home brew headwear department. He was sporting a monogrammed red berét.

Their were many fine displays under sturdy tents with lots to see and ask about. The home brew group had an excellent table as always.

Incoming WIA president, Gary, VK2GPK, gave a rousing speech and then it was on to the first presentation by Rob, VK2DIO on the Allstar system.

Al was brilliant at quelling the enthusiastic crowd when they got a bit rowdy.

I had to slip away before the second presentation but I'm sure the standard was high.

Thanks to the WIA and ARNSW for another very well run day.

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