Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Made a small project box

I'm not very good at this and figuring out how much extra to allow for the bend in aluminium continues to elude me but gradually I'm getting there.

The box shown here is still pretty rough but it's good enough for my little projects. Being able to make them at home means I can adjust the size to suit the project.

This morning I looked up Aluminium in Google maps and lucked upon Aluminium Engineering near by in Brookvale. What a wonderful establishment. I purchased a sheet of 0.9mm aluminium and loaded it in to the van.

The shop front is a work of art and should be classified as a heritage building to be preserved for ever.

Inside they're well stocked and the two chaps in there are friendly and informative. The warned me not to try welding 0.9mm which is fine.

Here's the shiny new hand shear which is making all of this cutting pretty easy. A cat is shown for scale.

Here is the current iteration of my box plan.

The measurements in the lid on the right are based on 0.9mm thickness and my dodgy bending. As you can see this makes a 100mm x 100mm x 40mm box. I'm using self tapping screws on the sides and it needs rubber feet to avoid scratching tables.

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