Monday, September 04, 2017

Door bench for the shed

A very simple, cheap, upgrade to my shed today. I've always struggled to build things on little folding tables. Today I paid AU$29 for a door and it makes a fine bench.

It's a hollow door so won't take much weight in the centre. I'm thinking of putting some sort of edge on it to stop things rolling off. I'll keep this next picture as a reminder of what it looked like originally.

The door is a narrow model. It's 2040x720x35mm. (I have no idea how many furlongs that is for you Americans).

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John M. said...

How large is your shack?

The door bench is a great idea; I used a small table top from Ikea due to space restrictions.
My area is rather small, but I can see where a door can work well as a bench top.


John McGrath