Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wyong field day 2013 - quiet but entertaining

It was a pleasure as always to make the drive from Sydney to Wyong for the annual ham radio field day. As always, the NSW home brew group had a great display of home built equipment.

Modern equipment was on show.

I caught up with old friends, that's John and John, the one on the left is the station announcement voice on the ARNSW WIA Sunday broadcasts.

Software defined radio continues to be actively used and developed.

It was great to catch up with everyone.

Unfortunately, the dire weather predictions the day before frightened off the majority of car boot sales and attendees. My thanks to the organisers and the tea and cubes of cheese were fantastic as always.

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panda said...

Hello Peter,
Yes it was quite and entertaining and also now only one large Amateur gear exhibitor there also numbers were down and trash a treasure boot sales also probably due to the weather entrance was up few dollars,But it was great to be there and catch with old mates
Regards Ian VK2IJ