Saturday, October 20, 2012

CRK-10 Tiny 40m CW Transceiver kit review

Just completed construction of a delightful little CW transceiver from Crkits in China.

This US$52 kit comes with all the surface mount components already in place so construction is easy and low stress.

Just two toroids to wind and then only 10 and 12 turns respectively. The kit went together in a relaxed hour or so (I like to take my time and take breaks to try to avoid hard to unsolder mistakes).

The instructions are very clear, all components were there (in fact I scored one extra trim capacitor and a spare screw - much better than being one down). When it all goes together the metal case looks fantastic and it will make a very solid little unit.

The only glitch I found is that the super clear directions on how to wire J1 and J2 for straight key support are reversed. Oddly this error is in both the instruction manual and the quick guide Rev. B.

I also had a bit of trouble with the push button switch's alignment with the front panel hole, reaming it out a little fixed that easily.

Mine puts out a solid 3W and the receiver sounds good and narrow. On the advice of Stephen, VK2BLQ, I ordered mine for 7030kHz.

Now to learn CW.


Adam has confirmed the error, he wrote: "You are correct about J1 and J2 jumpers. It is a mistake and nobody else told me about it. Probably most of them use paddles so they really don't care too much."

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Anonymous said...

there is nothing wrong with the j1 or j2 wiring its just that the crk-10 by default is wired for paddle ... to wire it for straight key you need to ground one of the terminal to left or right and insert the key plug before you switch on your crk-10 . the crk-10 can detect if your keyer is paddle left right or a straight key