Sunday, September 30, 2012

British spy "paraset" transceiver duplicate

Today at the ARNSW Home Brew group meeting we had a terrific presentation about the world war two "spy set" transceiver which was given out to resistance forces in Europe. There is a popular construction project that aims to build a pretty accurate replica.

Peter Jensen, VK2AQJ, has done a wonderful job of re-creating one of the versions of the set and in tracing the history of these interesting rigs. The simple design uses three metal valves and the receiver covers about 3.2 to 8MHz.

Peter is a wonderful speaker and I understand has published at least one book which I'll track down.

I bought a little bit of junk for the shed today although there is lots to temp me in the Dural disposals room.

Thanks as always to the organisers and it was great to have Mal, VK2BMS, along for the day.

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