Saturday, August 25, 2012

Low cost 40m SSB rig from China - KN-Q7A

While there are several decent but very low cost VHF/UHF rigs out of China so far this is the first HF transceiver I've come across. For $200 built, including Icom compatible microphone, a few of us have bought them.

Here's a video of a QSO with Stephen, VK2BLQ.

The KN-Q7 was designed by BA6BF and uses familiar components such as NE602s. The kits or assembled units are available from CRKits from US$115. It's a crystal VXO arrangement and you order according to the sub-band you want.

The case is very solid and will survive a trip in a backpack with no trouble, coupled with low power requirements, this makes an excellent QRP rig for camping or emergencies.

Adam Rong, BD6CR/4, provides excellent service and communicates well via email.

The manual, which includes a full circuit diagram is here.


I received a nice note from Adam, thanking us for the writeup. Cheers Adam!


panda said...

Hello Peter,
I great little SSB tranceiver did you and Stephen buy them as kits or preassembled?
I was impressed by there operation

Peter Marks said...

We bought them pre-assembled but it sounds like the kits isn't too taxing. It's great to see something in this price range.

VE9KK said...

Good morning Peter from Canada, very nice video and these rigs coming out of China now like the UHF and VHF rigs as well sure are priced low...and they seem to work well too.