Monday, May 09, 2011

80m DSB/DC transceiver working

After some more work on the ARNSW Home Brew group 80m transceiver challenge it's working well enough for a contact with Patrick, VK2PN who's about 10km away in Manly.

I had run out of NE602s and was using a TUF-1 mixer but some stock arrived in the mail and I've swapped out the balanced modulator to good effect.

Thanks to VK2PN for giving feedback on my signal and generally being encouraging. The PCB construction style lends itself to further tinkering and looks just marvellous to my eye.

Most of the circuit is based on the work of Drew Diamond, VK3XU. The oscillator is a 3.84MHz ceramic resonator that is pulled to about 3.54MHz with a giant capacitor but seems stable enough.

Great fun!

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