Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shelves in the shack, thanks SolderSmoke

On a walk this morning I listened to a brand new SolderSmoke podcast, back after taking a break while Bill's family moved back to the US.

My workbench was such a mess that it's been hard to get in there and melt solder. Basically, I need to dispose of some junk or add some shelves.

shack before 016.jpg

I took the easy option and put in some nice new shelves.

shack after 015.jpg

It's really not cramped, it's cosy.

We've had big wind here in Sydney and one leg of my 40m wire dipole has fallen off so my next priority is to fix that.

It was great to hear the podcast again, and Bill, I think your audio on the old laptop running Ubuntu is the best its ever been. I wish you'd put out a podcast every day.

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