Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some thoughts on broadband policies

I had a chance to chat about the broadband policies of the government and the coalition this morning on ABC Radio National. You can hear it here.

At the end I had an opportunity to mention a few technology policies that are missing from the current debate including:

  • Net neutrality
  • Government 2.0
  • Open Source in Government
  • Electronic text books for schools

Tony Abbott is my local member, if he comes door knocking I've got a few ideas for him..

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John Hancock said...

I have been working in the industry since the early 80s and have had a wide range of experiences including broadband and IT in many guises. I have to say that your analysis on ABC radio yesterday was spot on. I lestened to the podcast on the way to work this morning and I thought that there was at least one person who has it right. I would dearly love to see more journalists challenging the shadow minister on what appears to me to be a do-nothing policy. To me it is all about pretending that a non-policy is a policy.

Love your small talks on technology with Fran. Keep up the good work.