Monday, June 21, 2010

Visted the fantastic Kurrajong Radio Museum

Finally, I managed to visit the famous Kurrajong Radio Museum and catch up with the friendly proprietor Ian O'Tool VK2ZIO. We'd met at Wyong with Nigel Holmes and I was embarrassed to know all about the place but never made my way there.

Ian made us most welcome.

ian and peter.jpg

In the collection is a C42 a rig I had when I was young.


There's lots of stuff for those of us who've worked in broadcast over the years.


And a huge collection of radios with wooden cabinets.


Racks and racks of all sorts of interesting gear.


Even an AM transmitter.

awa transmitter.jpg

My dear wife Phillipa took it all graciously and even said she found the visit "mildly entertaining".


Take the Bells Line of Road towards the Blue Mountains and drop in.



Anonymous said...

I went there about a year ago and
it is the most fantastic place.
All the stuff you have seen photos
of in excellent condition and often
working as well. How all the gear can
be kept in such condition is beyond me. A real national assett.


Alan Yates said...

Wonderful, I've always wanted to go there and check it out. Looks like it is well worth the trip.

Peter Marks said...

Yep, I'm keen to return with some others who'd like to spend more time. I didn't want to bore the XYL too much.

We also visited the Mount Tomah botanic gardens which is near by and that's a lovely place to have a look around - and a bit more family friendly.