Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iPad review on ABC Radio National

A piece of tripod was missing this morning so Roi went all "Hill Street Blues" with the camera. For a change you get to look around and see Fran and the team.

Great fun.


Christopher said...

Great show.

Unknown said...

Excellent episode Peter. You sure cram a lot of info into that short show.

The "blair witch" effect is new for the ABC isn't it? :)

ralphk said...

nice grab, so much to say, so little time!
However, even at that price I shall wait untill I can buy one like the palm pilots and HP jornadas et al I just saw at the recent moorabbin swap-meet....$25 !! alas,
how the mighty have fallen !

Peter Marks said...

Thanks folks.

Media is the art of (possibly over) simplification of a story.

I can recommend the iPad, I've spent much of the long weekend reading "97 things every programmer should know" on it.

There is room for eInk epub readers in the market too. The iPad is a bit too valuable to chuck in the bag and take to the beach.