Thursday, May 14, 2009

Digital Radio DAB+ launching in Australia

1240382081_8634_1240382073_3792_HN333160.jpgThis morning I had a chat on Radio National about the launch of digital radio in Australia.

Now, I'm a technical optimist and tend to be an early adopter of things like this - I still have a stereo AM receiver in the room for example. For some reason I detect significant scepticism about digital radio.

Perhaps the broadcasters are being spread a bit thin, perhaps local radio is all becoming a bit irrelevant in the face of streaming internet radio (which I've been enjoying lately).

I hope the launch goes well, but I'd really like to see some elegant receivers that do DAB+ and DRM (for shortwave). It looks like some interesting sets are coming, like this UniWave..

DiWave 100 013.jpg

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