Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Analog short wave radio still needed

radio.jpgThe action this week by Fiji's military government to shut down Radio Australia's local FM transmissions presumably to silence possible criticism being available to the local population illustrates how important it is that we maintain short wave broadcasting.

Although I'm enthusiastic about digital modes; the widespread, low cost availability of analog short wave radios means that this mode continues to be the way to get news from afar when other options have been cut off.

I always travel with a radio in the bag but in recent years it's been sad to see the retraction of great short wave broadcasters such as the BBC and the rise of religious zealots on HF radio.

While local FM relays and internet streaming is convenient when all is well, in times of natural disaster or censoring governments, it's all too easy to lose these options. A little short wave receiver is an amazing technology - let's keep HF alive.

For all our Fijian readers, here's a place to get the news:


  • 5am – 8am (Pacific Beat 6am): 9580, 11880 (to 9am)

  • 8am – 10am (Pacific Beat 8am – 9am): 11660

  • 9am – 11am (AM 9.10am – 9.40am): 13630

  • 10am - noon (Connect Asia 11am - noon): 15560

  • Noon – 2pm (Breakfast Club): 17715, 17795

  • 2pm – 5pm (TWT 2pm – 3pm): 15515

  • 5pm – 8pm (Pacific Beat 5pm – 6pm RNZI Dateline 6.30pm – 7pm): 15160, 13630 (to 9pm)

  • 8pm – 2am (PM from 8pm rpt 11pm, AsiaPacific from 10pm): 9580

  • 2am - 5am: 7240

(The religious zealots may not be as silly as we think...)

Thanks Boots for the tipoff.

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