Monday, November 19, 2007

Dismantled my darkroom - a sad day

I'm a habitual early adopter in every area except one, photography. I stuck with film long after it was becoming clear that digital was superior. Digital isn't better in every way, but that's a whole other topic...

Looking back at my prints I can see that I was somewhat blind to the dust and scratches that would not go uncorrected in these digital days.

I've had a darkroom in the house, on and off, pretty much since I was in my early teens. Many deeply satisfying hours have been spent huddled over the enlarger, with my fingers in the chemical trays, and walking with dripping prints to the laundry to wash. I will miss just having the room there, even though a year has gone by with no activity.

Digital equipment goes out of date within months, some of my darkroom gear is technology that hasn't changed in 40 years.

I'll still keep a few film cameras, they are pieces of industrial art. I wonder if there is a film processing service that develops the film and sends back a really high quality negative scan? Last time I tried Kodak Photo CD it was very disappointing.

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