Saturday, April 28, 2007

New longwire hoisted by squid pole

The yard is filling with antennas. I think they look great. There is a very tall tree at the back of the block that I've been trying to run a long wire up to. Today I spent AU$39 on a 6m squid pole at a fishing shop.

Squid poles are great devices, it telescopes out from about 1.5m to 6m. Standing on top of a 2m ladder, holding the end of the 6m squid pole, I managed to feed two sinkers attached to a string over a branch. Yay! Not easy.

A 20m line goes to the bedroom on the second floor into an Emtron antenna match. There is a counterpoise of about 3m running down to the ground.

I'm able to tune this up nicely on 80m, 40m and 20m. I came up on 40m just now and had three quick contacts: Blue Mountains, Victoria and a guy down the road! Apparently you can get 18m squid poles, but they are significantly more expensive.

Ha, just noticed that if you google for squid pole, the first link relates to antennas, it seems they are also used sometimes for fishing.

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