Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cheap Chinese VHF/UHF radios via ebay

A recent meetup with my old ham buddies introduced me to a range of cheap two way radios I hadn't seen before. Costing around AU$90 including delivery, these high tech radios are almost a disposable item. The bit I most like is the specs which look like they've been simply run through translator software.

Item Description :
  • 99 memory channels, adoption of phrase-lock loop frequency
  • synthesis, micro-computer controller, forthrigh menu, expedient operation.
  • LCD apheliotropic lights of showing screen, facile operation in dark.
  • Multi-function, excess value, fashion outline, pettiness, portability,
  • sturdiness, durability, stable property, high quality original battery,
  • long-time using, original sound, relaxed A.
  • Electricity sparing functions, prolong using time.
  • Earphone/Microphone/Auto-charger rabbet, expedient for talking and charging
  • English Sound Reminding Function

Features :

  • Rated Voltage : DC7.2V
  • Memory channel : 99 channels
  • Antenna disposition : inductively loaded antenna
  • Antenna impedancd : 50 Ω
  • Working manner : same frequency single operation or different
  • frequency single operation
  • Ground method : negative pole
  • Size : 80X50X28 mm
  • Output power : ≤5W
  • Modulation mode : frequency modulation
  • Maximun frequency deviation : ≤±5KHz
  • Remanent radiation : <-60dB
  • Preemphasis character : per fold frequency patch 6dB
  • Emission current : ≤1600mA

By all accounts, these radios are pretty decent, certainly for the price. I've ordered one and will report more when it arrives.

Update: it arrived. It's a Quangsheng TG-25AT (the VHF model).

You get what you pay for. It does work as advertised but:
  • I haven't figured out how to adjust the squelch. It's too tight.
  • The manual is rather cryptic, the same translator as the feature list above.
  • The drop in charger station came for 110V (I need 240V)
  • Scanning is very slow
Anyhow nice new toy for the summer break. I've put my interpretation of the manual here.

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Unknown said...

I owned two of Quuansheng radios both of them endeded to be deafe, my antennas are 100% in good working order and whithout the possibility of swr, I had a bad experience about Quansheng because I have three others friends who experienced this problem too. I dont think that I am the first person who complained about this radios, My vhf radios was those of the first consignment, I don't remember the model but excuse me to say that they are rubbish. I hope that you fixed the problem because they have a very bad name in Malta. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write. Berst regards. Ronald Longhurst.