WSPR Watch

WSPR Watch is an iOS app available for iPhone and iPad via the Apple App Store. The primary purpose is to pull data from and display it in various useful ways. There's the list view:

A map view:


And some analysis can be done in the app:

Frequently asked questions

PSK Reporter doesn't work?

PSK Reporter requires a callsign to search for. (I agree the app should tell you this rather than displaying nothing).

How do I connect the phone to my radio to transmit?

The transmit feature is really just meant for a quick acoustic check of an antenna. If you want to transmit WSPR I recommend using WSJT-X on a cheap laptop running Linux.

What do the colours of the dots on the map mean?

  • Green is a spot receiver's location
  • Red is a spot transmitter's location
  • Purple is a location that is both transmitting and receiving

I don't like the colours used for each band, can I change them?

Yes! In settings look for "Band Colours" and tap Edit. This is a recent addition.

How do I edit the list of recently used callsigns?

This is not obvious. In the callsign screen, delete the callsign in the field. Now you'll see a little book icon on the right. (Circled).

Tap the book icon and you'll get a callsigns edit screen. You can delete and change the order of recently used callsigns.

Known issues

Doesn't filter LF spots

When using the WSPRnet back end the app doesn't properly filter LF spots. The reason is that at the moment I'm using the OldDB page on WSPRnet for data and it doesn't understand LF. I do plan to update this in the future.

Freeze on the map

I think since iOS 16.1 an issue has emerged where from time to time the app will freeze while re-drawing the map. I have found other developers reporting the same issue and have tried to work around it to some extent without total success.

If you can come up with a reliable set of steps to trigger the freeze please let me know.


WA0SPG said...

Hi, Have tried using this with various radios with no luck. I activate it and nothing shows up on the map, or other parts of the app. I’ve seen others get it working on YouTube. Contacted them and using same setttings they have with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Mike/WA0SPG

Peter Marks said...


The transmit tone generation feature does work but depends on a good connection to the radio's transmit audio. I really don't recommend it for first use. You should transmit using WSJT-X and some sort of audio interface.

WSPR Watch is primarily for displaying spots transmitted by other means. The transmit tone feature is meant for a one-off quick field test rather than normal operation.



Ian 2E0GBA said...

Seems to work well showing my spots but it tells me I am logged out and cannot see how to log in
Ian 2E0GBA

Peter Marks said...

Oh, sorry about that. "logged out" means that the app itself has finished a session with the WSPRnet API and has logged out. To get new data, either tap Load or pull down to refresh.

Díaz said...

Hi! I put in all the relevant data and tried to get my latest Spots via Reverse Beakon
Network but it shows nothing. Do I have to leave the sender/receiver callsign empty?

73 de OE8ACT

Peter Marks said...

Hi Diaz,
For Reverse Beacon you must give the app a transmit callsign to search for.
73 de VK3TPM

Díaz said...

Just gave it a try but with no success. I will contact you via E-Mail and send you
some screenshots with my settings.

73 de OE8ACT

Peter Marks said...

Thanks for the report. There's a magic token that gets changed from time to time.
An update will be available soon.