Monday, June 24, 2024

Flying like a bird, the joy of FPV drone operation

Some years ago I used to accompany Terry to a field in Sydney where he would fly amazingly fast while using a video headset. He would run through an obstacle course with hoops standing on the oval. I tried a few times but crashed immediately - I could never put myself in the drone and was always thinking of the sound.

My current drone is home built and rather bashed about but does the job.

One problem I've had is that I need my glasses to see the screen clearly and the solution was to sacrifice an old pair of reading glasses and apply some hot glue.

There is a bit of open space and a tree in the middle so I started slowly and have had a bit of a breakthrough. I was able to take off, fly around the tree, and return and land without breaking anything.

A few days on and I've probably had about ten successful flights and it is a real joy to experience.

Last night, after a hard landing, the drone was not flying well and I lost control. I couldn't see when it was but could see the video from its point of view. It was stuck in a tree. A squid pole was very handy in dislodging it. Next step is to add a buzzer so I can locate it after an uncontrolled landing.

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