Thursday, August 26, 2021

WSPR Watch app updated with better graphs

WSPR Watch is a free app for iOS that displays data pulled from Originally I wrote my own code to draw charts of reception data but my clumsy attempts were pretty simple. Recently I started using the excellent Charts library and this has opened up all sorts of improvements. For a little while, the app lost features but now I think it's looking better than ever, particularly for stations that band hop.

There is a catalyst version of the app for macOS but it's not a great macOS app at this point. Thanks to everyone who has sent encouraging emails (you can do this through the app) and if you like it, please consider leaving a review. Latest version as I write is 3.29.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Well done, still my favorite app when WSPRing. But it works well for other modes too. 73, Bas

M0IFA said...

Great Peter. I am only 30m so all is green.. but hey how. Like 3.29. Just checking MacOS version nw

Unknown said...

That's a nice looking display, the skill I guess is to be able to quickly 'read' the propagation from it. --PT.