Sunday, December 27, 2020

Receiving High Altitude Balloon telemetry

Facebook might be useful for something. I noticed a post from Mark Jessop, VK5QI, to say that there was a High Altitude Balloon (HAB) heading towards Melbourne from near Adelaide so I thought I'd have a go at receiving the telemetry on 70cm with my vertical. The signal is on 434.199 Upper Side Band, 25mW.

The decode software was downloaded via here and I was happy to get a few decodes.

If you upload your position will show you on the map.

The balloon is about 230km from me and the signal is very weak but I do get decodes from time to time. Great stuff!

There's a video about this fascinating work here:


VK5APR said...

Hi Peter

Well done! Looking at your screen capture you were receiving this at 2 degrees of elevation which is quite amazing from an urban environment

Best regards for the new Year.

Peter VK5APR

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Peter! My antenna is up about 5m and I'm on a slight rise here in Thornbury.