Friday, July 17, 2020

On ABC RN's Download This Show talking "Stalkerware"

This weekend I'm a guest again on ABC RN's Download this Show which is largely created by fabulous Marc Fennell.

Due to the pandemic both Ariel and I are at our respective homes. Each of us records video locally at 4k and send in the video. It's amazing how this is now possible when it seems like only a few years ago that postage stamp sized video was the state of the art.

Download This Show goes to air a few times on ABC RN over the weekend or you can listen here or subscribe to the podcast.

One of the stories, this time about "stalker ware" is played on ABC News24 on Saturday morning and you can see it here:

Marc kindly let me plug GovHack which is coming up on August 14-16 and will be totally online this year.

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