Monday, November 26, 2018

An all "show n tell" home brew group meeting

This week we dispensed with a lecture format at the ARNSW Home Brew Group meeting and just went with show and tell.

Actually it worked out well. Normally the show and tell tends to be a delay before we get to the lecture but this time it was nice to take it all at a relaxed pace. Of particular interest (to me) was Peter R Jensen, VK2AQJ (author of "Wireless at War") who brought along a compact HF radio that used to be used by the CIA and SAS called an AN/PRC-64.

Great to see everyone, some had travelled great distances to attend.

Clifford Heath demonstrated the HackRF One and got me motivated to go home and fire mine up. Last time I tried it there was no operation but it turned out I'd mistakenly grabbed a USB cable that was charge only.

As always, Tim was working to keep everything running smoothly. A national treasure.

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