Thursday, May 11, 2017

Radio Australia's Shepparton broadcasting site for sale

For the ham who has everything... a lovely 500 acre vacant site at Shepparton, Victoria, Australia complete with short wave antennas (I assume).

More details here.

They say it's a significant "land banking" opportunity, whatever that is.

Close to a highly regarded school and just "moments" from the Shepparton Town centre.

But seriously, the site is up for sale while there is a pending bill before the senate calling for the restoring of shortwave radio.

There have been 40 submissions received (including one from your humble blogger). The inquiry is due to report on 9th August 2017.

Lovely cabinet work on site:

I'm advised that the property will be sold with buildings only, antennas and feed lines above ground will be removed.

The local Shepparton News is reporting that not everyone is happy with the shut down of the shortwave service.


Grant said...

A move to ensure the site can't be fired up again even if politicians pass legislation it seems. ABC Management have won this round.

Jonathan Marks said...

Do you know if any video documentary has been made about Shepparton? That is a nice shot of the control centre there. I'm gradually making a video documentary about the disappearance of shortwave radio and would like to include Radio Australia.

Kind regards

Jonathan Marks
formerly with Radio Netherlands

Peter Marks said...

Hi Jonathan,

I'm not aware of a full documentary, but David, VK3ASE has made this excellent video:

Kind regards,