Friday, January 06, 2017

Hearing Peter VK3YE's 200mW indoor loop

I got an email this morning from Peter, VK3YE, who noted that I'm receiving his 200mW from a WSPRLite on an indoor 90cm magnetic loop.

WSPR of course.

Here's the transmitting loop:

Construction is described here.


I'm now using an SDRPlay receiver with their excellent SDRUno software and hearing Peter this morning.

Click on the screen shot to see it in its full magnificence. The trick for sending the audio output from the SDR software into the input of the WTJT-X application (or whatever you use) on Windows is the free VB-Cable.

I've found VB-Cable works better than expensive commercial software I've tried in the past. Note that after changing settings it's necessary to stop and start the sending and receiving software.

Here is a plot of the signal to noise ratio of received spots plotted against time of day over about three days.

It might be that the better S/N in the early hours of the morning is more to do with lower noise from the neighbourhood than propagation.

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