Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cheap Windows 10 tablet running SDR# with SDRPlay

Wanting to get some hands on experience of Windows 10 in tablet mode led me to pick up a very reasonably priced Teclast tablet via Banggood. It's a "Teclast X98 Plus 64GB Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad Core 1.84GHz 9.7 Inch Windows 10 Tablet PC".

The feature that attracted me is the screen resolution of 2048*1536, most of the cheap ones are much less.

I paid AU$276 including postage but the price seems to have crept up a little since then.

One thing I wanted to try was to see how well it would run SDR software so here it is running SDR# with an SDRPlay (which is powered by USB from the tablet).

As you see it's pretty usable although a bit more CPU performance would make the drag tuning smoother. This really has to be the future of radio receivers and possibly transceivers. A big responsive touch screen showing the spectrum is a great way to see what's on the band. The SDRPlay has a particularly wide band so you can zoom out to find activity.

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