Sunday, June 01, 2014

Australian broadband needs upload speed too

I'm in San Francisco this week for the Apple WWDC. The flat I'm sharing has apparently typical broadband. It certainly seems very snappy for downloads but what absolutely kills me when I compare what we have in Australia is the upload speed.

This is over Wifi by the way. At home on Telstra I get 100Mbps down but around 2Mbps up. This makes sending files or backing up to the cloud very difficult. Will the NBN fix this?

I asked the other residents of the unit if their internet connection was typical, amusingly they took this as a complaint and apologised for the poor speeds and asked if I was having trouble. They expect to get 100 down and 50 up. There is no download limit. They pay $400 a year.


I'm currently in San Francisco at the Apple developer's conference and here we have the fastest internet I've experienced so far.

This is not some science fiction future world, this is today.


vk3ase said...

Could not agree more, the Internet in Australia is pathetic. You have
2 gig upload, what luxury we have
half on a good day. Uploading a
ten Min HD youtube clip is a
major ordeal and takes 15 hours
and that is if the line does not
drop out.
The NBN has progressed at a snails pace while developments in other
fixed systems has paused or gone
backwards, so no better than ten years ago. We need affordable fast two way internet now.

Grant said...

Just goes to show how far behind we are and due to politics, we're not going to get anything like this soon.