Saturday, February 22, 2014

House demolished by Democorp

I'm pleased to report that our house has been removed. The block looks like this:

Today I visited the block and spoke to neighbours on both sides and over the road. The striking thing is how warmly they spoke of the staff from Democorp who did the demolition. Both sides said how careful they were - mostly in making absolutely sure that nothing could fall and hit the fences or houses.

Ken and Barbie over the road (not kidding) have a grandson who was fascinated in the trucks, the guys took the boy into the truck cabin and showed him around - isn't that nice!

A phone call came in early on, we have instructions to keep a "wooden sheet" which one is that? I explained that it should be "wooden shed", happily the shed survived.

I wouldn't normally do this but I can recommend Democorp, they're not the cheapest but we are very happy with the job they did - thanks Jomana and everyone there.

Some video for David.


David Schweinsberg said...

Will we be seeing "Demolition, the Movie"?

David Schweinsberg said...

Impressive. That really is precision demolition.