Sunday, December 08, 2013

An earth stake for the shack

I seem to have problems with RF feedback in the shack when using any kind of end fed antennas. Dipoles do better for me. I'd commented on this a few times and today local amateur, Robert, VK2ZNZ very kindly arranged for a beautiful copper coated steel stake to be hammered in to the ground.

Robert has been mysteriously absent from the Sunday morning 80m callback in recent weeks but it turns out the reason was that he's had a hip replacement so he availed himself of my shack's comfy chair:

Thanks very much for your kindness Robert!


Paul Anslow said...

A Choke balun may also help. 73 Paul VK2APA

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Same thing I did last weekend hi.

I'm afraid it will not help much against RFI. But for safety it's allright. If you're lucky the groundwire is exactly 1/4 wave long at the frequency were you got RFI, in that case problem solved. In general a good choke balun will help much more.

Good luck, 73 Bas