Saturday, September 21, 2013

iOS 7 adoption soon to exceed iOS 6

After only a few days, my apps are starting to show the amazing uptake of iOS 7. Here's my proportions in WSPR Watch from yesterday.

39.2% iOS 7.0 compared to 40.5% iOS 6.1.3 plus 7.6% for iOS 6.1.4.

iOS 7 seems a bit rough at this point so I can only assume they rushed it out to be able to launch with the new iPhones last week. I'm sure there will be some updates in the weeks ahead. Having said that - it's fine for daily use and a refreshing change.

Update a day later. iOS 7 is still growing fast.

Note that Google Analytics swapped the colours around. iOS 7 is now at 50.8% which exceeds the total for iOS 6 for my app.

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