Saturday, August 03, 2013

Knobless Wonder 7.16MHz SSB transceiver is on the air

I'm excited to report that my build of Peter, VK3YE's, simple fixed frequency "Knobless Wonder" transceiver is complete and I've just had my first contact with Stephen, VK2BLQ.

Aside from a few errors along the line of me pulling out incorrect component values a few times, the circuit was very simple to build. The major problem I had was that the RF transmit side was unstable due to some long runs of unshielded wire but that was fixed with some thin coax.

My thanks to Peter Parker for this excellent design and to Mal, VK2BMS and Stephen VK2BLQ for giving me signal reports.


Anonymous said...

Looks, and importantly sounds great Peter, well done on your 'KW' build! Andrew 2ONZ

caulktel said...

Good job Peter and Peter VK3YE also. Now if you want some extra beans for it, build the MiniBoots SSB amp for a total of about 6-7 watts output.


Peter Marks said...

Thanks Joel,

That's a good suggestion. I think I should be able to get a bit more power out of it, the final isn't even warm and it's only 1W peak for me at the moment.

Good reports of audio quality though.


rupa-rupa said...

whether the project has been created in the form of pcb, thanks


golden eagle said...

You may see receiver only implemented at .

G7VFY said...

Hi there,

Yes, a PCB would increase stability too.

It would be a great project for new hams. 2-3 watts would be better. Did you manage to improve the audio any further?

Might make an OK dedicated psk31/FT8 transmitter too.



G7VFY said...

A PCB would aid stability.

Did you improve the audio further? 2-3w would be nice. Ideal for new hams on a budget.

Might be a good dedicated psk31/FT8 TRX.