Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Digital data transmission tests on Radio Australia

Please be advised of the second Radio Australia HF test using the digital text modes MFSK and FLARQ.  Freeware fldigi will handle these automatically - see   and

The text will contain text and images from Radio Australia's web site as well as contact details for sending responses. Note 2150 UT Sunday is Monday morning 0750 EST in Melbourne etc.

All dates/times are in UT, all frequencies in kHz
Saturday/Sunday 8/9 June 2013

0850-0857 UT on

 7410 (PNG & south-west Pacific)

11945 (south Pacific, NZ, central America, Europe)

1230-1237 UT on

 6080 (PNG, west Pacific, Philippines, Japan),  new freq for MFSK

 9580 (central Pacific, NAM)

12065 (central Pacific, NAM)

2150-2157 UT on

11695 (south-east Asia, Europe)  new freq for MFSK

21740  (central Pacific, NAm)   new freq for MFSK

with 40s of RA tuning signal (Waltzing Matilda) at the start of each session.

Extremely poor reception here this morning of 11695. I could barely detect that there was a station there and only a few words were decoded.


The tests have been a success and reports are coming in from around the globe. The Voice of America's Dr Kim Elliot, reports on his reception in Northern Virginia where despite poor audio reception, the digital text message was perfect.

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