Sunday, January 06, 2013

ARNSW Sunday broadcast via digital voice

This morning VK2JI relayed the Sunday broadcast via digital voice using freeDV. Here's how I received the signal on 7190 from the Central Coast of NSW (I'm in Sydney).

Earlier in the broadcast:

Here's a screen shot.

There is discussion of all this on the digitalvoice google group.

Here is Ed's video of the transmit setup.


Anonymous said...

Here's how to destroy any interest in FreeDV.

1) Host the discussion on something that is not a mailing list
2) Insist that no-one can even read about it without having a Google Groups account and being signed up for the group.

What's so secret?

Peter Marks said...

Dear Anonymous,

You make fair points.

I'm not sure why the Google group is not visible to people without google accounts. The same thing hits me with all the Yahoo groups discussions. I have accounts for both so I can participate.

What do you recommend?


MarkD said...

Hello Peter
Maybe its my hearing as I get older but I have to say I found it very difficult to follow the audio in the video's. Maybe this is early days and the quality will improve as the mode develops.
Thanks for posting it.
Mark VK6WV

Peter Marks said...


it's not your hearing, the audio was barely intelligible and really only because I knew much of the content. I did try to directly patch the audio into my video camera but the level was too high for the microphone input (I need to make a pad).

The signal looked good on screen so I was disappointed with the decode. I think there's a way to go but it's amazing that it works at all.

Best wishes,