Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A look inside ABC News Radio

In contrast to the display of historical radio equipment in the foyer, I was privileged to get a personal tour of the ABC News Radio operation today. It's a very striking layout that appears to genuinely (almost) paperless.

Journalists and producers surround and face in to a "fish bowl" style studio.

 News Radio is transmitted on over 60 frequencies and reaches a million listeners each week.

Inside the studio it's a one person operation with the presenter who controls everything and reads directly off screen.

Thanks to on-air announcer Steve Chase, and everyone who cheerfully greeted a regular listener and fan. Sometimes seeing a radio station and the staff breaks the magic, in this case it's the opposite - I came away more impressed with the efficient and well designed News Radio operation.

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panda said...

Hello Peter,
Great photos of News Radio and also interesting photos of the old equipment from the good old days.
We are fortunate to have News radio in Goulburn not with out a battle and letter writing campain to our local paper,This resulted in wonder of wonders getting our News Radio station on 99.9 Fm just before the 2007 Federal Election it is very popular News staion in town.
Best Regards