Sunday, August 21, 2011

A wonderful weekend of #pyconau

Just returned home after a full weekend of the second Python conference here in Sydney.

Main hall 005
Attendance was up on last year but still has a way to go. The Wifi worked really well, thanks GitHub. Programmers seem to carry Macs these days, next is Linux and then there are a few Windows users.

  Deploying 003
There were some wonderful talks and some disastrous demos, but that's the way it goes. I came away with a big list of things to find out more about, often not the topic of a talk but something that came up along the way.

  Scipy 002
Great to see two whiteboards full of Python jobs (well, one PHP job too).

  Job board 001
Thanks to the organisers once again, it was super smooth and professionally run. Some things that caught my eye: Nginx web server, Gunicorn web server, requests module, new relic performance monitor, pymite embedded, CoolTerm serial terminal, weatherboard, USB Bitwhacker, Sublime text editor, map-reduce for Google App Engine.

This year the videos are up on YouTube here.

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