Friday, May 06, 2011

Radio nerd's tour of Canberra

I've just returned from a visit to Canberra and while there took some time to see a few interesting things for a radio nerd such as me.

The Australian War Memorial has a bit of home brew radio gear on display. Here's a transceiver with a nifty antenna tuner front right:

War Museum radio

Here's a receiver that is powered from an electric light socket:

Home brew receiverOld parliament house is amazingly accessible and aside from wandering around even in the Prime Minister's office and private make-up room, the press rooms are nicely preserved. Here is what a radio journalist would have used (My first job was at 3DB):

Radio journalist gear

Here's what a print journalist used, complete with spike for stories to be sent to the sub-editor (oh, we don't have them any more do we):

Press journalists gear

There is quite a large typewriter collection on display and the rooms are very cramped. Well worth a visit.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the Ricoh did an amazing job in such low light.