Sunday, February 27, 2011

Behind the scenes at VK2WI

After a satisfying lunch with ABC engineering folks on Friday, Matthew kindly drove Nigel and I out to Dural for a "behind the scenes" tour of the VK2WI site conducted by regular broadcaster Tim, VK2ZTM.

Matthew and nigel

The star attraction, for me, is the new solid state pulse duration modulation 160m AM transmitter that has been commissioned in the last few weeks and sounds excellent.

160m TX

If all else fails there is standby communications equipment on hand:

Tin cans

Although I've been to Dural many times, I've never been up stairs in the new shed. There is a display of equipment.

Equipment display

A modern station setup.

Station setup

And an extensive library.


Thanks to Nigel for lunch, Matthew for the drive - (particularly entertaining to have a car radio with short wave), and thanks to Tim for the tour.

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