Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Minor musings


Played with a neighbour's HTC Desire, running Android 2.1 on Telstra, over the weekend: a very nice phone!

Certainly up there with the iPhone although Telstra have added some junk which is a pity.

It sounds like the next iPhone will be announced at WWDC on June 8 but until then it looks like there's stiff competition at last.


.Ubuntu 10.04 is totally awesome. I'm running it on two netbooks and the server edition on my linode server.

They've really thought things out well. It's fast and careful on the server side.


.Antony Funnell from the excellent "Future Tense" program rang this week and we had a chat about Homophily. I have a small contribution but it's an interesting idea and the show goes to air on Thursday morning from 8:30 on ABC Radio National.

The question is: does the internet lead us to mingle with people who share our views or does it help us expand our horizons?

Never heard the word? Neither had I, read this.

Google I/O

Watched the keynotes on Youtube. The most interesting bit for me was the Google Apps for corporate stuff. I'm using virtual machine hosting, Amazon, and Google at the moment. It's a buyer's market. I can't see any reason to have a data centre.

The question is, could I build a data centre with the power, network, aircon, and backup that Google or Amazon could at a similar price - not likely.

Google is really aggressive at the moment, several speakers were honest enough to say that they are an advertising company, which I'm sure is not how the person in the street perceives them.

iPad in Australia

Finally it's here, well, on Friday at the opening of the Bondi store. I really like the iPad and it will sell well here for sure.


Super busy, having fun, but the greatest pleasure is from the retro-75 80m AM transceiver kit which has gone together nicely.

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