Friday, January 22, 2010

Kempsey Museum visit

We've just arrived at Coffs Harbour ready to attend the Mid North Coast radio expo on sunday. On the way we stopped at Kempsey and stumbled in to a museum. $4 to enter and worth every penny.

Full of interesting historical items from all walks of life including schools, crafts, military, shoe making, and even telephone equipment. A "working" model of a saw mill was particularly amazing.

The museum is well hidden, it's next to the visitor's information centre and looks most uninviting from the front.

We're now in Coffs at a motel. I'm pretty technically confident but I have to admit being a little daunted by the collection of remote controls one has to master to operate things here.

I now realise I missed one - for the air conditioner. This is madness - there has to be a better way. Surely remotes can be unified in some way?

PS: I'm online thanks to my tethered iPhone which seems to work pretty well.

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